Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Celebrate Life

Some days blend in with all the rest, and some have an anticipated excitement because it's a day of celebration or remembering. On February 22nd in 2009, I fully surrendered my heart and life to Jesus. In that moment in time, everything changed. Immediately, it felt like a ton of bricks—the burdens of a lifetime—had been lifted off of me. For days, I walked around with a freedom and thankfulness I had never known before. 

As time went on, I realized that the first step in surrendering is just that: I've woken up every day since then and realized I must choose daily to surrender my life and my all to the One Who rescued me. Some days are easier, and some days I want to crawl back in bed and have a do-over. With each day, God's mercies are fresh and new; He is always there, whether I feel Him close by or not. 

Compared to living in darkness and the pain of sin, there is no way I'd go back. Having my Father God's guidance and protection is far better than the mess I had made of my life in a few short years. Having Jesus as my deliverer, restorer, and friend has changed the way I process this temporary world and the pain that goes along with it, and the joy I know we can have NOW and into eternity. Having the Holy Spirit's comfort, counsel, strength, and help has poured purpose and passion into a soul once saddened by depression, substances, and loneliness. 

This journey of faith is not for the faint of heart or those comfortable with routine and the Sunday-morning box of religion. God has shaken me out of complacency and the norm on many occasions. On the other side of those difficulties were lessons I couldn't learn any other way. Jesus had to be my focus and the center of my affections. Dependence on anything else was shifting and unstable. We are all searching for this, whether we realize it or not. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8, NLT) He is the stability we long for.

We were created by God, to do the will of God, and to return to God. The evil one works tirelessly to keep us from returning to our Father. Once your eyes are open to the Truth and your heart has been saved from the tragic demise of separation from God, nothing in this world or out of this world can separate you from His love. My goodness, what a love! Enjoy your day, and remember to celebrate Life.